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CREATING A GOOD ONLINE PRESENCE: What is the best approach?

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

An online presence is essential for the creative industry, and thankfully nowadays, there are many ways to establish connections.


One of the best tools to use to get in touch with people in most industries is LinkedIn (also known as the “Facebook” for professionals). LinkedIn is a free to use professional online network you can use to connect with companies and other professionals. In addition to this, you can also search and apply for jobs or

internships. People in the creative industry should make use of LinkedIn and its network by creating a professional profile for themselves, showcasing any current and previous work, skills and testimonials. LinkedIn also provides a multitude of information, including indications on what your line of work requires of you, helping you better your understanding of any potential jobs you hope to gain.


Another helpful website, specific to the art-focused creative industry professionals, for furthering your online presence is ArtStation. ArtStation is yet another free to use website where you can use to build a profile and showcase a portfolio where people can give helpful feedback and can leave comments on your work and projects. ArtStation allows you to establish a community and further your connections based on your portfolio.


Many creative professionals have built their own personal websites in order to host their portfolios. This method also provides potential employers with an insight into a person’s commitment to establishing a professional appearance. Having your own website can also convey a certain amount of personality, which is something a potential employer could look for.


A good idea to further promote your portfolio is to create professional social media accounts. You can share your professional posts on social media such as Twitter, Instagram or even Facebook to boost your engagement. Another tip to keep in mind when posting on social media is to make use of hashtags so that viewers with similar interests can find your posts.


Another essential thing to monitor while attempting to establish an online presence is how frequently you post online. If possible, you should try to create a suitable schedule in which you will post on your various online platforms, thus keeping any visitors engaged with your pages and profiles. On top of this, you should also make an effort to keep any pages and profiles up to date with your most current information/skills/work etc.


One of the most important things to consider when creating a professional profile is how it appears. Remember, a potential employer will also be assessing your ability to be proficient in a work environment. One of the ways to showcase this is to make sure you have a suitable profile photo. The photo shouldn’t have any distracting features, and having a plain background is advisable. It would be best if you also considered the language in which you write. Your writing language for any professional posts or websites should be formal and concise.

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